BHR Timber Products carries a full suite of timbers specializing in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, White Oak, Red Oak and more.  


We offer our products in a choice of rough or surfaced.  With the capacity to surface and size sock up to 24'x28'.  No job will be too large.


Our knowledge of the industry supported by an extensive inventory and quick access to custom milling means BHR Timber can fill your custom orders with quick lead times.

Big Timber has been our stock and trade since the beginning.
 FSR - Full Sawn Rough / True Dimensional
When 2X means 2X

FSR lumber used to be a common product throughout America in the 1800's and could still be found in the old barns and homes from the pre WWI era.  That rugged look that has all but been forgotton is alive and well in our mill direct FSR, and provides a flavor that is reminiscent of a by-gone era.


In your choice of any of our wood products.