Building with Wood is the Single Most Significant Thing Mankind Can Do to Lessen His Impact on the Environment

Providing Builders with High-Quality Timber

There’s nothing like the look of wood for building construction, whether it’s a handsome house, an elegant restaurant, or a rustic cabin. For high-quality timber, turn to BHR Timber Products. Our company is your source for a wide range of environmentally friendly products from the great forests of the Pacific Northwest.

As a mill-direct wholesale distributor, we ship timber, specialty lumber, and true dimensional lumber nationwide. One of our best-selling products is our number one free-of-heart-center (FOHC) Douglas Fir. With our FOHC timbers, all of the growth rings are cut, allowing the wood to dry evenly. This keeps moisture from getting trapped, which causes twisting, bowing, and/or splitting.



Find the materials that your clients want. We carry a full range of timbers that can be delivered either rough or surfaced.

Thickness X Width                                Length
2×4 – 2×14                                                 8’ – 24’
3×4 – 3×16                                                 8’ – 32’
4×4 – 4×16                                                 8’ – 32’
6×6 – 6×18                                                 8’ – 32’
8×8 – 8×18                                                 8’ – 32’
10×10 – 10×18                                           8’ – 32’
12×12 – 12×18                                           8’ – 32’

We can surface and size stock
up to 24′ x 24 x 60′!

Our Products:

  • Timbers
  • Glulams
  • Posts & Beams
  • Pre-Stained Products
  • Interior Paneling
  • Exterior Paneling
  • D-Log Siding

Glulam Products

We offer our customers the option of stronger-than-steel glulam, which is glued, laminated timber. This construction material is a superior choice due to its design value, product performance, and competitive prices. Multiple layers are bonded to make a stress-rated engineered-wood beam. This construction material has greater strength and stiffness than dimensional lumber of a similar size.


When quality counts, choose FOHC timbers. With the Free of Heart Center timbers, all of the growth rings are cut, allowing the wood to dry evenly.

This results in a more stable, stronger and straight beam. With the boxed heart timbers, moisture inside the rings is trapped, causing twisting, bowing and/or splitting to create a path for the release of the moisture.

Contact us today to order the timber you need for that new house you’re building. We proudly ship timber products nationwide.